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Edelweiss – Charter or Not

September 16, 2011

Just a bit of clarification on Edelwiess air.  The Times article  has been edited a number of times.  The latest version as of this post says this:

Zurich wasn’t on the consultant’s list of five top targets: Frankfurt, Germany; Mexico City; Panama City, Panama; Bogota, Colombia; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Neither was Edelweiss, a charter carrier with a fleet of five jets, on the list of target airlines.

* * *

Michael Boyd, an aviation consultant in Evergreen, Colo., called the numbers overblown.

“I’d seriously question $32 million in economic impact from two charter flights a week,” he said. “A lot of those people are going to get off the plane, get on I-4 and go to Orlando.”

That got Tampasphere wondering – is Edelweiss a charter airline?  Our internet research turned up contradictory information, so we decided to ask the airline itself.  This is what they said in their emailed response:

On 1 November 2008, Edelweiss Air was integrated in the Lufthansa Group. In the almost three years since then, Edelweiss Air has evolved from a classic charter operator to a modern leisure travel airline. Almost all destinations are served in code share with SWISS, which means that Edelweiss Air also operates flights to leisure destinations as a scheduled airline company.

So please be kindly informed that Edelweiss Air is not a charter Airline. “Flying better” is not just a pledge to our guests but also a motivation for our employees.

Got it.  Not a charter airline (though we have no doubt they would provide charter services if it made them money and they do the tour thing) and codeshared with Swiss.

We are not sure what the economic impact will be.  We hope it is $32 million or more.  The area needs it, and success will breed success.

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