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Roundup 11-23-2011

November 23, 2011

It is Thanksgiving week, so not so much is happening aside from the usual USF Poly stuff.  We thought, after a note or two on Tampa Bay goings on, it would be a good time to broaden our subject matter a bit.

First, the Bay area.

The Rays

The Times tells us that, due to low attendance, St. Pete will have to subsidise the Rays:

The city will kick in an extra $115,000 to subsidize operations of Tropicana Field because attendance was 300,000 less than last year’s.

St. Petersburg collects 67 cents for every fan who goes through the turnstiles at Rays games and other Trop events. So when Rays attendance dropped 16 percent this season, the city’s cut fell to about $750,000, compared with the $900,000 projected.

But the lower attendance meant that fewer police were needed for traffic control at sparsely attended games, which offset some of the losses from lower attendance.

St. Pete has other subsidies as well:

Compared with other year-end budget adjustments, the Trop change was relatively minor. Use of the Coliseum and of Sunken Gardens, for example, was less than expected this year, causing their combined subsidies to rise by about the same amount as the Trop’s. The Mahaffey Theater’s operating subsidy rose by about $240,000 to cover transition costs to new management.

The Mayor of St. Pete keeps saying that his strategy of essentially not dealing with the Rays and their stadium issue is his way of protecting the St. Pete taxpayers.If that is his goal, he may want to rethink his strategy.

Now, the other stuff:


We found this very interesting interactive graphic from Forbes.  It shows immigration and emigration from counties throughout the country.  For instance, here is a screenshot of the graphic for Hillsborough County in 2009:

From Forbes. Click on picture to go to Forbes interactive graphic

Because there is a lot of talk about a brain drain, we found this very interesting.  For instance, broadly, immigration (blue) to Tampa is from the rustbelt while emigration (red) is to the Pacific Coast and Texas (and Atlanta).

A fun, and enlightening, thing to play around with.


Not that the Bay Area has waterfront freeways (thankfully).  However, this  is an interesting piece on urban freeways and whether they should be demolished or not to promote urban development.  As we said, it does not apply directly to Tampa Bay, but the concepts and issues raised do.  Something to think about.

True Insight for the Traveler

Finally, a neat little book (actually two) from Britain:

The Idler Book of Crap Towns II: The Nation Decides: The New Top 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK. (It can found on Amazon here)

It is what it says it is, a book listing the crappiest towns in the UK (at least, how the author rates them).  What could be better for Tampa Bay’s seasoned travelers contemplating their next foreign adventure?  It’ll leave you asking, “Are we there yet?”

Happy Thanksgiving.

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