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Special Note on InVision Tampa

April 10, 2012

This week the Mayor of Tampa kicked off a “grassroots” “master planning” process for downtown Tampa, called “InVision Tampa.”  As part of this process, a website was set up,

We will discuss this more later, but we just had to point out one thing – you should check the definition of words before you use them to brand your project.

The definition of “envision” is:

“: to picture to oneself <envisions a career dedicated to promoting peace>” or “To picture in the mind; imagine”

The definition of “invision” is:

n.         1.         Lack of vision or of the power of seeing.

(also here, here and here).

We cannot know yet if this is a mistake, a Freudian slip or an accurate description of the process. (Maybe the confusion is caused by this)

Sometimes it pays to be careful rather than cute.  We only hope the planning process is better than the publicity process.


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