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Coming Out Watch – Special International Edition

August 28, 2012

Because the RNC is really getting underway today and there has been a lot of talk about how it is the Tampa Bay area’s “global coming out” (it’s not) and about selling the Tampa Bay area to the world (which should be a daily occurrence), we decided to go beyond seeing what foreign media was saying about the area in English.  To be honest, we hoped to find that cool article about how great the Tampa Bay area is, but we didn’t see it.

We do not claim we read every website or checked every language.  We just did a sampling in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.  What we found was that the media was not discussing the Tampa Bay area’s economy or beauty (except for its strippers).  We have included some representative sample  links below (we just aren’t going to link to every article that mentions the RNC – yes, that is exposure for Tampa, but is that meaningful exposure).

Discussing Tropical Storm Isaac and Strippers.



Discussing, not surprisingly the Republicans, security, and protests.

From El Periodico – Click for article
Caption: “El campamento de Romneyville, epicentro de las protestas contra los republicanos, en el ‘downtown’ de Tampa. IDOYA NOAIN”
Note the quotation marks around ‘downtown’

Some media are  also running special report sections covering the convention – but they are not really about the Tampa Bay area.  If you want to check some:

The actual discussions of the Tampa Bay area are almost nonexistent (unless you count strippers):

Finally, as for exposure and coming out, this is from Paris Match in 2009 – the Super Bowl.

We will keep looking for links.

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  1. August 30, 2012 4:44 PM

    As always great research! I look forward to posting my analysis of the economic impact or lack there of as well as conversations I had with foreign media and visiting delegates, but I am going to respectfully wait until all is over. One thing is for sure, most everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and Tampa is not appearing in a negative light at the moment.

  2. DowntownLiving permalink
    August 31, 2012 10:50 AM

    This is seriously stupid. You admit you didn’t look at English press, you admit that you didn’t really do a full sampling, you wrote it before half them had even arrived, and you also missed dozens of stories about ybor, bayshore, etc

    All you do is dump on everything in Tampa and ignore all the good stuff.

    • August 31, 2012 11:53 AM

      Actually, we did look at the British press, just not for that post. It is impossible to read everything on the internet, but we looked at the most prominent papers of note in the respective countries. We admit we did not read every article because we are being honest.

      If you have links to the articles you say are out there, we will be glad to post them.

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